Once you have cleared Airport Customs and collected your luggage, here is some sage advice for new visitors looking for ground transportation.


All legitimate transportation services are located at the Arrivals exit. On your way there, you’ll be offered free rides to other resorts and their timeshare presentations. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out on other timeshare opportunities later in your stay.

By Bus

There is commercial bus service available at the airport. Exit the arrivals door, cross the roadway and parking lot where you will see a bus stop. Look for the “Ruta del Desierto” buses, easily seen due to their purple and yellow colours. These are modern Volvo buses with all the comfort and convenience you’d expect at home. They travel a fixed route along Highway 1, there is a bus approximately every 20 minutes:

Santa Anita <-> Airport <-> San Jose <-> Terminal Aligular SJD <-> Palmilla <-> Melia Cabo Real <-> Cabo del Sol <-> Cabo San Lucas Centro <-> Terminal Aligular CSL <-> Terminal Aligular CSL.

They will stop at many other points to let you off and also when you flag them for a pickup.

Pricing – 12.50 – 28.00 – 37.00 MXN – have your change ready!

For more info, check their Facebook Page

Rent a Vehicle

Most of the major rental car agencies are represented at the San Jose del Cabo airport. To get your best rate you should reserve your vehicle on line at their corporate web site a couple of weeks prior to arrival. Make sure that you purchase insurance and any other incidentals at the time of booking. Bring a copy of the insurance contract with you to present at the rental agency.

During your stay, if you are looking to rent a car, we can direct you to an inexpensive local car rental agency.

Public Taxis and Shuttles

There are many taxis and shuttles at the airport to choose from.

Shuttles are approximately $15 USD per person from the airport to Cabo San Lucas, less to San Jose or the corridor. Taxi costs vary from $40 to $50 to Cabo San Lucas. Be sure to ask what the price is before you get in. The shuttle and taxi drivers know where all the hotels, condo complexes and luxury villas are. Describe the private villa area and he will know where it is. Shuttle and taxi drivers all know enough English in order to understand where you want to go.

Private Transportation or Limousine Services

There are also many options for private transportation, from vans, stretch limos for groups, to private cars, etc. This option is probably the most expensive but you get what you pay for.